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Cigar Smoking Tips


Guillotine cutters are either single or double bladed. If sharp, single blade cutters work well. Double bladed cutters work better as the two opposing blades work together. There are also cigar scissors available.


Examine the head (closed end) of your cigar to determine how far down the cap goes (usually 1/4" to 3/8"). Do not cut below the cap. Try to cut as little as possible while still opening 75% to 85% of the end. Use a quick and decisive cut.

Another way to open your cigar is to use a punch cutter. They are easy to use, make a perfect round opening, and remove the concern of how much to cut.

The third method is to use a V-Cut clipper. They cut a V-shaped notch in the head of your cigar


When using cedar matches wait until the sulfur burns off before placing it to your cigar.

If using a lighter which uses lighter fluid allow the flame to burn a few second before lighting your cigar.  Butane lighters work very well and are the most popular choice.

What ever your flame choice, preheat the foot by rolling your cigar above the flame. After the foot is heated place the cigar in your mouth and gently draw though your cigar, with quick shallow puffs, as you roll your cigar above the flame. Never let your cigar touch the flame. Once lit examine your cigar by gently blowing on the foot to make sure the burn is even, if not, do a spot light on the unlit portion. You are now ready to sit back and enjoy.


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