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Cigar Glossary

Amarillo A yellow wrapper leaf grown under shade
Band A paper ring around the head of a cigar
Barrel The main body of a cigar
One of the three main components in a cigar; the binder is the portion of leaf used to hold the blend of filler leaves together
The tobacco mix in a cigar, including the filler leaves, binder, and outer wrapper
Bouquet The smell or aroma of the tobacco blend
Box A container used to package cigars
Bundle A packaging method that uses cellophane over wrap
Candela A green shade of wrapper
The circular piece of wrapper leaf placed over the head of the cigar
A professional cigar taster who determines the qualities of a cigar (taste, texture, and aroma)
Chaveta The knife used in a cigar factory for cutting tobacco leaf
A light brown shade of wrapper sometimes referred to as natural
Colorado A brownish-red shade of wrapper
Culebra A cigar made from three Panetelas (long, thin cigar) braided together
Curing The process of drying harvested tobacco
A device used to cut off a small portion of the closed end of the cigar
Draw The flow of smoke through a cigar

One of the three major components of a cigar; filler is the individual tobacco leaves used in the body of the cigar
Finish The taste that lingers on your palate after a puff

An extension of the wrapper shaped to finish the head of the cigar. Sometimes tied off in a pigtail, the flag is used instead of a cap

The actual taste of the cigar

Foot The end of the cigar one lights
The vegetable adhesive used to secure the cap and wrapper
Handmade A cigar made by hand
A cigar made entirely by hand. Normally made by the most experienced rollers
Head The closed end of the cigar

A room or box used to age and store cigars by maintaining a proper temperature (70 F) and relative humidity (70%)
Hygrometer A device that indicates the percentage of moisture in the air
Long Filler Filler tobacco that runs the length of the cigar body
Machine-made Cigars made entirely by machine
Maduro A very dark brown cigar
Piercer A cutter used to pierce a hole in the closed end of a cigar
A blockage or hard spot in a cigar that prevents a proper draw
Ring Gauge
The circumference of a cigar, measured in 64ths of an inch; a 48 ring gauge cigar is 48/64ths of an inch
Wrapper leaves that have been grown under a cheesecloth tent
Short Filler Tobacco filler consisting of chopped leaf
Shoulder The area of the cigar where the cap meets the body
Spanish Cedar
Although not a true cedar this type of wood is used in the lining of most cigar boxes and humidors
Sun Grown Tobacco grown in direct sunlight
Cigars packed in an individual metal, glass, or wooden tubes
Tunneling The uneven burning of a cigar
Vein The rib running though a tobacco leaf

One of the three main components of a cigar; the wrapper is the tobacco leaf used on the outside of the cigar
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