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Cigar Reviews

Don't forget, all of our reviews are featured at Toms Cigar Reviews and we have a monthly guest spot over at The Stogie Review.

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Alec Bradley Vice Press

(Released 6-1-2010)



La Flor Dominicana - Air Bender

(Released 4-27-2010)


Alec Bradley Tempus

(Released 3-23-2010)


Alec Bradley Prensado

(Released 2-9-2010)


La Flor Dominicana - Coronado

(Released 1-11-2010)


Dona Flor Petit Corona

(Released 12-8-2009)


El Baton by J.C. Newman

(Released 11-24-2009)


El Rey Del Mundo Cafe Au Lait

(Released 10-5-2009)



Casa Magna Colorado

(Released 9-22-2009)

Ed and I are back for our monthly spot on The Stogie Review. Our reviews are featured on The Stogie Review, Tom's Cigar Reviews, and St. Pete Pipe and Cigars.



A Quick Smoke With Ed & Tom -

Arturo Fuente Hemmingway Short Story

(Released 9-7-2009)


Tatuaje Cojonu 2009

(Released 8-18-2009)



Victor Sinclair Bohemian Maduro - A Quick Smoke With Ed & Tom

(Released 8-7-2009)


Perdomo 10th Anniversary Criollo

(Released 7/21/2009)


A Quick Smoke With Ed & Tom - CAO Brazilia Cariocas

(Released 7/3/2009)

Once again, Ed and Tom are back for another “Quick Smoke with Ed & Tom.” This video runs about 13 minutes, and is featured at St. Pete Cigar and Toms Cigar Reviews. We grabbed a CAO Brazilia Cariocas Tin and put together this quick, to the point review.



Alec Bradley SCR

(Released 6/16/2009)

The Alec Bradley Cigar Company was nice enough to give Ed and Tom a sneak peek at their latest cigar, the SCR, or Select Cabinet Reserve. This review is featured at our other home, The Stogie Review, as well as Toms Cigar Reviews. Make sure you pay them a visit! In the mean time, see what Ed and I thought of the SCR.




La Aroma De Cuba (A quick smoke with Ed & Tom)

Released 6/3/2009



Dona Flor Selecao

Video Released 5/19/2009




Older Reviews Click Here

Newer Reviews Click Here


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